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The Sculpture

By sculpting both material and space around it, I want my sculptures to appear to move, to assert themselves; to change and grow, to move within, affect and break free from the solid material. The textures and deliberate cracks within the surface are gestural rendering a sense of becoming of movement toward something and leaving behind the authentic markings of change. My forms have a sense of tension in them, of opposite energies moving outward yet inward simultaneously, of a contrast between movement and subtle rest and forever trying to right itself, to find a stasis, and come back to its centre. The philosophy or raison d’etre of my sculpture is a composition of human struggle, strength and the result of lessons learned in this migration.

"Smooth and sensitive, Saxby's sculptures evoke sensuality, a burning desire, a flame, which will go on for eternity." Angie kordic. Widewalls Art Magazine, Italy/U.K.


Tanis lives and works as a sculptor in Vancouver, Canada. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and currently ships and sells her work world wide.